What’s Putting The Brakes On Copper Prices This Time Around?

Spoiled by a successive number of mild winters, this winter has been one of the worst we have seen in some time. Although we are an all- weather sport, the severe cold and storms have been hard on both our employees and equipment and hasn’t done much to encourage scrappers to get out there and find metal for recycling. At time of writing, we are expecting wind chills in the order of minus 29 degrees Celsius overnight and 10 to 15 cm of snow!

But something else has gone amuck out there too. If you have brought copper in recently, or are following the pricing on our website or on our Peel Scrap App, you will have noticed a significant change in copper prices. They are now at the lowest levels they have been since about the middle of 2010, having rapidly fallen well over eight per cent.

In case you are wondering, the significant driver appears to be recent developments in China, the world’s second largest economy and the largest consumer of copper accounting for about 40% of global demand for the metal. Overall, exports from China have dropped, growth has slowed and there are concerns about the health of their financial system. This makes the argument compelling.

Copper Prices As Loan Collateral

The Wall Street Journal, and other publications, have reported that amid a substantial rise in inventories large amounts of copper stored in China have been used by companies and investors as collateral for loans as opposed to being used in manufacturing processes. As prices fall, lenders are less willing to accept the metal as collateral and borrowers will ultimately be forced to sell in order to compensate for higher risk.

An historic event superimposed on all of this, a Chinese Company, The Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Company, very recently became the first company ever in China to default on bond payments. Worrisome indeed in a market that is already jittery. This only serves to fuel speculation that more companies may find themselves in the same boat as the economy slows and that holds out the further prospect that some of those lending deals backed by copper may begin to unravel.

Things Could Get Worse Before They Get Better

How big is the potential for problems in a sell-off given coppers exposure? In the U.K., the Guardian reported on March 12th that while official figures are not available, some estimates put the amount of copper imports that have been used in collateral arrangements as high as 60 to 80 per cent.

Clearly there are some challenges ahead for the government in China as well as for us. While there may not be any long term justification for low prices in the copper market, in the short term it looks like China is opting to slow growth to more sustainable levels and it will therefore be a rocky road for copper until the demand for the metal starts to eat further into the supply and works off some of that inventory.

Now for the Disclaimer!

Please note that these comments are not intended as investment advice. We leave that to the experts. Our expectation here is merely to provide some background to a fast moving story on copper prices that is of interest to our customers.

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