Easily the busiest pieces of equipment at any scrap metal recycling operation are the weigh scales. Scales…One of Our Weighter Blog Posts, If You’ll Pardon The Pun. They provide the defining measurement for all material trading, both buying and selling.

There’s Nothing New About Scales.

Weigh scales date back to early Egyptian civilization. The earliest scales were found in an Egyptian grave and are at least 7000 years old. Modified and improved by many cultures over time they increasingly gained relevance with the introduction of the various media of exchange with fixed values. People needed to know the weight of a product in order to convert its value into currency. At Peel Scrap Metal Recycling, we keep a few relics from the last century around, and its fun to bring them out for a look now and again. These are primarily balance beam scales which were quite commonly used in the industry at one time.

Nowadays, however, most of the scales are electronic. The design of these electronic scales dates back to around 1939 when two American engineers began experimenting with electrical resistance. Their research led to the development of something called a load cell. This is essentially a transducer that converts a weight sitting on it into an electrical signal that can be accurately measured. In our scrap metal recycling operations, we have a number of platform scales that work on this principle. If Our Scales Aren’t Accurate, We’re In Trouble. scrap yard in Mississauga

Scales…One of Our Weighter Blog Posts, If You’ll Pardon The Pun.As part of doing business in this industry, commercial scales must be legally certified for trade. Beyond normal maintenance, we will shut down our scales on a regular basis and bring in a specialized crew to test the accuracy of each scale and to recertify it. This gives our customers and our company the confidence of knowing that we are always employing fair trading practices and that the weights of the material we are buying and the material we are selling are accurate. Incidentally, modern truck scales installed at large recycling facilities have the additional feature of being able to monitor and detect radiation. This is important in circumventing the problem of radioactive material moving up the supply chain as incoming feed is processed, refined, and ultimately used in manufacturing.

Scales…One of Our Weighter Blog Posts, If You’ll Pardon The Pun.

End of Life Electronics Recycling.

We have recently added more end-of-life electronics to the already substantial list of items we recycle. This is good to note for those of you in the Oakville and Mississauga areas especially. Next time you buy a television set or other type of appliance or gear that triggers an ‘eco fee’ with the new product and a ‘disposal fee for your old product, you can now recoup some of those costs by recycling those end-of-life electronics and appliances with us.

This means your electronic scrap will not go to waste and you can be sure that it will be handled in a responsible and sustainable way.  Peel Scrap Metal Recycling In The Media. On Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, BNN (CTV’s Business News Network) aired our interview with Andrew Bell. For those of you are not familiar with Andrew, he is an Anchor-Reporter and can be seen on Business Day, Commodities, and The Pitch.

He is also an extremely interesting, knowledgeable, and gracious individual and the author of Mutual Funds for Canadians for Dummies. The interview was filmed at two of our locations in Mississauga and can be found at. http://watch.bnn.ca/commodities/march-2012/commodities-march-14-2012/#clip637701 If you would like to comment on this or any other topic, we would like to hear from you. Please e-mail us at info@peelscrapmetalrecycling.com