It’s Not as Scary As It Sounds

At the moment, we are in the process of installing new and very powerful air pollution control equipment at our wire processing facility.

Commonly referred to as a ‘baghouse’, this equipment is much more than a gigantic vacuum cleaner. Baghouse systems are specifically engineered and set up to manage different dust producing applications. Systems of this type are in use across a wide range of industries including: foundry and steel operations, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food manufacturing, and in the chemical, cement and lumber industries. In fact, many industrial processes can only operate with baghouse equipment in place.

The Benefits We Will Realize From Our Baghouse System.

In our case, there are some very good reasons for us to make this investment.

  1. We will see a substantial improvement in the air quality inside of our wire processing facility.
  2. Our wire processing equipment will be able to operate more efficiently
  3. It will allow us to process certain kinds of insulated wire that we could not process without this equipment.
  4. It will reduce the risk of dust explosions which can occur when dust is dispersed into the air in the right proportions.

Not A Simple Installation

The Baghouse equipment itself came from N.R. Murphy Ltd whose head office is in Cambridge Ontario. Then there are a number of system components, ducting etc that were manufactured elsewhere. And of course, there are several engineers and other contractors involved in the process all of which is being co-ordinated by the good folks at Kreator Equipment & Services Inc. of Orangeville, Ontario.

We are looking forward to having this equipment in place and being able to increase the operational safety and efficiency of our wire processing facility.

For more information on Baghouses and other types of Air Pollution Control Systems check out For more information on Kreator Equipment, check out their website at

Scrap Metal Identification Tips and Tricks

niton testing gun

If you can’t identify a metal from some of the more common tips and tricks we have offered in previous blogs, you might consider bringing your metal, or a sample of it, in for testing which we will be happy to do for you.
Our handheld analyzer gun is very accurate and will even provide the composition of the alloy it is testing. For example, if it is looking at stainless steel, it will not only tell you the grade of stainless steel it is comprised of, it will also tell you the percentage of chrome, nickel and iron which are the main ingredients of this alloy.

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