We are always pleased to see young people visit us in our yard. They inevitably have lots of questions about the recycling work that we do and their enthusiasm is infectious.

These young people are the future of the recycling industry and by taking on an awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship at such an early age, it certainly gives us hope that life on the planet will continue.

Recently, we had an opportunity to provide some material to a young student by the name of Chris Slater for a science project which addressed the question of determining heated metals by their flame color. Metal We are happy to say that Chris did very well indeed on this assignment. Scrap Yard in Burlington

Helping Kids Perfect Their Footwork Metal

Over the years, we have sponsored a number of teams and individuals at various levels in different sports. It has been fun for us as for the most part, we have known many of the kids from their visits to our yard with their parents starting at an early age. Scrap Yard Brampton 
This month, we had the opportunity to sponsor a young man named Alex Martinat, who is headed to the town of Agropoli in Southern Italy for a soccer tournament regarded as one of the better and more prestigious tournaments in Italy. Metal Scrap Yard Etobicoke

His father has been a customer of ours for over two decades and ever since we can remember, he was certain that his son was destined for the professional leagues. Scrap Yard Brampton 

Alex has been courted by universities in the U.S. and has turned down an opportunity to play with Toronto FC. While in Italy, he will have an opportunity to be scouted by a number of professional clubs, including AC Milan. We really wish him luck.