One of the more interesting ways of recycling scrap metal is in the form of art. Not something that would be top of mind when looking at recycling solutions!

Over the years a number of artists have achieved fame and recognition for their work with scrap metals including Jimmy Bird, Edward Martinet and John Lopez.

Every year, however, we see a few artisans who stop by looking for interesting pieces of metal to use in their sculptures. They range from hobbyists making boats and trains from bits of copper and brass wire to professional artists creating more elaborate structures.

Image of Dr
Forevertron in Wisconsin

The “Big Daddy” of all such work resides in the U.S. in Baraboo Wisconsin just behind Delaney’s Surplus. It is a 300 ton work in progress assembled mainly from relics of the industrial age and designed for space travel. Begun in 1983, it is called the Forevertron. Its creator is Dr. Evermore, a.k.a Tom O. Every.

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