Life Values

We started our Peel Scrap Metal Recycling many years ago. Our success has been attributable to many things, but at the core of it all, it has been about sticking to our basic values through the good times and the not so good


One of the most important things anyone can learn in this life is how to put the things that are most valuable into perspective

Many people think that money is the most important thing in life. To them, money is the means to everything else they consider valuable like security, luxury, and an absence of worries

But the thing that my years on this planet have taught me is that money is not the means, but the end, and that the real things of value in this life if you recognize and nurture them, will mean that the money will be there for you.

The Key Core Values In Life.

I have always told people that, if I had to rate the most important things in life, money would come about eighth on the list.

I also told them that if they looked after the more important core foundational items money would happen.

These items include: looking after our health, both mental and physical; Life Values doing what it takes to achieve real peace of mind; taking care of our families; developing a positive value system; respecting those around us; helping keep the planet we live on happy and healthy; making sure we educate ourselves and develop the skills we need to do what we love and do it well, and, Life Values most importantly, keep a positive attitude no matter how many ups and downs we have to go through.

If you can develop and practice these qualities, you will, quite simply, be the kind of employee anyone would want to hire and develop. Or you can be the kind of entrepreneur whose business will be a success.

And the result of all of that is money, security, luxury if you lean that way, and peace of mind. The pluses on top of all of that are satisfaction, a solid reputation, and strong, positive relationships throughout your life.

The Ideal of Entrepreneurship

If you are someone who has mastered all of the aforementioned core values and you have your own business, it will most assuredly become known as a company that offers an excellent product or service, one that treats all its customers and employees equally well, one that is well organized on every level and one has a solid business plan and a clear view of the future.

This, in turn, will enable you to get good financing if you need it. It will also help you be seen as a good corporate citizen, because you will be doing everything possible within the construct of your business, to be environmentally responsible, which, these days, is extremely important

The sum total of all of this is, quite simply, a successful and profitable business. And all the personal benefits that come naturally with that.

It’s Always A Question Of Balance

We all know that if we put good fuel into our vehicles they will run better, last longer, and be a better value for you. Similarly, if you nurture and care for everything around you, and if you do all you can to be the very best version of yourself, positive growth will definitely be the result.

And if that is the case, the last item on the list… money…will be given.

Gary Dvorkin

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