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The list displayed here provides a general description of some of the scrap metal items and alloys which we commonly purchase from our customers. If you would like more detailed descriptions, click on any of the links below. For general enquiries or further information about these or other items, please contact us directly by phone at 905-612-1288 or e-mail us at info(at)

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Copper • Aluminum  • Brass • Insulated Wire • End-of-Life Electronics
Stainless Steel • Nickel Alloys • Nickel • Carbide • Titanium
Steel • Cast Iron • Auto Cast 
Lead • Lead Acid Batteries • Electric Motors • Transformers • Ballasts • Radiators


Aluminum in its pure form is a silver white metal which is light, non-toxic, non-magnetic and will not spark. When combined with various amounts of copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese and other elements it forms alloys with very useful properties for specific applications. Some common forms of aluminum are:
Aluminum Extrusion
Found in structural and architectural applications such as window and door frames and screen doors.
Painted Aluminum
Either flat-rolled or shaped, it would be most commonly recognized as painted siding, gutters and downspouts.
Mixed Low Copper
Clean, uncoated, unpainted low copper aluminum scrap usually in the form of clips or plate. It should be free of plastic and any punchings should be segregated.
Cast Aluminum
Is a silicon alloy that can be identified by a rough, grainy texture when broken. Barbecue lids and bottoms and some automotive parts are made from aluminum castings. It should be free of iron, dirt, brass and other non-metallic items.
Aluminum Wheels
These should be clean, unplated and free of all inserts, steel, valve stems, wheel weights and tires.
Aluminum Turnings
These consist of clean, uncorroded borings and turnings that are free of dirt, iron, oil, moisture and all other non-metallic items.

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