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In Memoriam

Jeff Shaffer

Father, Brother, Uncle, Partner

We regret to inform you that one of the founders of Peel Scrap Metal, Jeff Shaffer passed away on Friday Sept 14.

He was a great friend to many and will be missed by all. Jeff is survived by his parents, three daughters and their husbands and six grandchildren.

He was an integral part of Peel Scrap, working with his brother-in-law Gary starting in 1990 with just the two of them and a small truck and growing the company to its current three locations with over twenty employees.

Jeff's nephew, Jeremy, became a partner in the business in 2006 and worked with Jeff and Gary to make Peel Scrap the success story that it is.

Jeff was a great mentor for Jeremy and all the Peel Scrap staff and a best friend to his partner, Gary.

Jeff's integrity, perseverance and dedication to his family, friends, employees and business associates was always unwavering. He was one of the the good guys, and he will most assuredly be missed by all of us.

In Memoriam Jeff Shaffer