Over the years since we established Peel Scrap Metal Recycling as a boutique operation, we created a number of objectives for our business. Not the least among there are the following.

The first was to always make sure that we treated our customers fairly, because we knew that happy customers are the key to growing our business and getting referrals.

The second, was to be able to expand our services and take full advantage of any and all of the latest technology that could help calculate costs accurately and be able to accommodate our customers, no matter what they brought to us for recycling. This could be anything from a trunkload of stuff from their garage to a truckload of scrap from their manufacturing process or any sort of demolition or construction they were doing.

Finally, we made the commitment to be able to service as much of the Greater Toronto Area as possible.

Motoring along on these objectives, we were able to build a solid operation, with a strong customer base that we could service through our recycling facility in North Mississauga. We adopted all the technology that was available to us and developed a good reputation for honesty with our customers.

About 10 years ago, we made the decision to grow and began the process of developing a new warehouse in the Oakville area that would expand our service base even further west.

One of the things we did, mostly as the result of the accumulated wisdom we had gained in Mississauga, was to make sure that we had a high capacity truck scale and crane for accurately weighting and offloading much larger loads from our industrial customers.

This took our Oakville warehouse to a much higher level of service. Based on the success these services created, and, being as customer-centric as we are, got us into planning to add a high capacity truck scale and new crane to our Mississauga warehouse.

Like anything big that a business wants to do, the amount of paperwork, and the number of meetings took a good deal of time. But we persisted, and over the past few months have been granted permission and installed a new weigh scale (and crane) at our Mississauga warehouse.

We are very excited about this new development that now puts both our warehouses on an equal footing, from a service perspective.

At the end of the day, our business is all about our customers, and being able to service them in the best way possible. It’s a considerable investment, but it’s a smart one because over time it pays great dividends, and helps keep our relationships with our customers strong and healthy.

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