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 Although we have already posted a couple of blogs concerning the problem of metal theft, a recent development in British Columbia has prompted us to revisit this issue.

Last November, the Province of British Columbia passed Canada’s first metal theft law. The new regulations were just signed-off by the lieutenant governor and will come into force on July 23rd,   2012. They will affect both metal dealers and recyclers, and also their customers.

Some of the key points of this legislation are as...

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Easily the busiest pieces of equipment at any scrap metal recycling operation are the weigh scales. They provide the defining measurement for all material trading, both buying and selling.

There’s Nothing New About Scales.

Weigh scales date back to early Egyptian civilization. The earliest scales were found in an Egyptian grave and are at least 7000 years old. Modified and improved by many cultures over time they increasingly gained relevance with the introduction of the various media of...

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Weighing In On Regulations

When we started our business in 1990, the work was more physical and the regulatory environment was less intrusive. Today, we have more equipment to handle the physical load but we are surrounded by a sea of regulations involving such policy areas as human resources, occupational health and safety, the environment, taxation and so on. While perhaps well intended for the most part, they are difficult to navigate and often questionable in their language, intent and execution.

Clearly, we don’t...

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Recycling has been around for a quite a while. We know this because archeologists have discovered that in periods when resources were scarce they find less waste at archeological sites. In fact, researchers suggest that recycling may date back as far as 400 BC. They also suggest that the Romans were active in recycling. Plato is often cited as a strong advocate.

Many Kinds of Recycling It wasn’t just metals that were recycled. Along the way processes were developed like those to recycle...

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Metal Theft --The Epidemic Grows

Our friend and associate Jim Murray of Onwords & Upwords, who has been working with us for a number of years helping us manage our communications, passed on an Associated Press Article this week  concerning a bronze sculpture which had been stolen from the Johannesburg Art Gallery in South Africa and destroyed for its scrap value. This was not the first such incident and unfortunately, it likely won’t be the last.

Sadly, the art gallery is not in the financial position to provide sufficient...

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The recycling process often generates its own stream of by-products which also require innovative solutions. Although our primary focus at Peel Scrap Metal is metal recycling, we increasingly have an interest in plastics since the introduction of our chopping line for wire and cable granulation.

Plastic & Copper

Our chopping line uses insulated wire and cable as its feedstock and separates the metal conductors, copper or aluminum, from the plastic sheathing which insulates those...

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Over the last few weeks, the world has witnessed the horrific events unfolding in Japan.

First an earthquake of enormous proportions. Then a tsunami which leveled everything in its path. There has been untold tragedy, the displacement of thousands of people and now the problem of radioactivity contaminating the environment, including the food chain.

Even for the third largest industrial economy in the world, it will be a massive undertaking to work through this disaster.

Caution Is Critical ...

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One of the more interesting ways of recycling scrap metal is in the form of art. Not something that would be top of mind when looking at recycling solutions!

Over the years a number of artists have achieved fame and recognition for their work with scrap metals including Jimmy Bird, Edward Martinet and John Lopez.

Every year, however, we see a few artisans who stop by looking for interesting pieces of metal to use in their sculptures. They range from hobbyists making boats and trains...

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In Canada, we are blessed with a real abundance of natural resources. Not all countries are as fortunate. This is especially true in the case of what is commonly known as rare earth metals. Something which has featured prominently in the news of late.

Rare earth elements are a collection of chemical elements in the periodic table. They have uncommon names like Yttrium, Cerium, Gadolinium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium and Dysprosium.

Paradoxically, despite their description as ‘rare’, these...

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Like most people, we were riveted to the unfolding story of the rescue of the Chilean miners last month. It was a story of the power of the human spirit. The courage of the miners, the faith of their families and the selfless determination and ingenuity of the rescuers and all of the supporting groups around the world will be remembered as key parts of one of the most heroic events of our time.

But the mining industry has a long history of disasters on this scale and the majority of them do...

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