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Every spring, a shiny red fire truck shows up on our street. The firefighters on board have arrived for a walkthrough inspection of our premises to make sure that all areas are safe for our employees, our customers and for the firefighters themselves should an emergency arise.

This practice is testimony to the good governance of the City of Mississauga, Ontario where our business is located. The firefighters are always professional, friendly and offer practical solutions where they feel there...

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In Canada, we are blessed with a real abundance of natural resources. Not all countries are as fortunate. This is especially true in the case of what is commonly known as rare earth metals. Something which has featured prominently in the news of late.

Rare earth elements are a collection of chemical elements in the periodic table. They have uncommon names like Yttrium, Cerium, Gadolinium, Lanthanum, Praseodymium and Dysprosium.

Paradoxically, despite their description as ‘rare’, these...

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Like most people, we were riveted to the unfolding story of the rescue of the Chilean miners last month. It was a story of the power of the human spirit. The courage of the miners, the faith of their families and the selfless determination and ingenuity of the rescuers and all of the supporting groups around the world will be remembered as key parts of one of the most heroic events of our time.

But the mining industry has a long history of disasters on this scale and the majority of them do...

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If you look through some of the literature on copper, you might be surprised to learn that copper is often referred to as the metal with a PHD in economics. A bellweather for the base metals, it is highly sensitive to economic trends and therefore closely tied to the business cycle.

As a vital raw material in construction, electronics and power transmission, the theory is that the price of copper is the canary in the coal mine - a harbinger of what is going to come next. Rising copper...

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The average North American gets a new cell phone every 18 to 24 months. According to a report released by the United Nations on the growth in electronic scrap, a mobile phone can contain over 40 elements from the periodic table. These include base metals such as copper and tin, special metals such as cobalt, indium and antimony and precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium. Metals represent on average 23% of the weight of the phone, the majority being copper. The remainder is plastic...

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Peel Participation

Again this year, Peel Scrap Metal will be fielding a team for Rick Hansen’s Wheels in Motion. The event takes place on June 13th and raises money to promote awareness of spinal cord injury and raises funds for research.. If you’d like to help us out, sponsorship forms are available at Peel….and by all means, come out and cheer us on!

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Recycling Is For Kids Too

Next time you find yourself at home with the kids on a rainy day, why not visit some of the award winning recycling sites designed and developed to catch their attention, teach them about recycling and have some fun.

There are games, origami and plenty of cartoon characters with lots to say about the subject. It’s never too early to develop good habits. Look for our advertising at:

Read more about kid's recycling at:

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