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The list displayed here provides a general description of some of the scrap metal items and alloys which we commonly purchase from our customers. If you would like more detailed descriptions, click on any of the links below. For general enquiries or further information about these or other items, please contact us directly by phone at 905-612-1288 or e-mail us at info(at)

Click on any of the links below for more detailed information:
Copper • Aluminum  • Brass • Insulated Wire • End-of-Life Electronics
Stainless Steel • Nickel Alloys • Nickel • Carbide • Titanium
Steel • Cast Iron • Auto Cast 
Lead • Lead Acid Batteries • Electric Motors • Transformers • Ballasts • Radiators

Lead • Lead Acid Batteries • Electric Motors • Transformers • Ballasts • Radiators

Soft Mixed Lead
Consists of clean, soft lead free of drosses, battery plates, lead covered cables, foil or other contaminants.
Whole electric motors and/or motor parts that are copper wound with no excessive steel attachments such as gear reducers, iron bases, pumps or compressors.
These must be dry with no oil or PCB’s and have copper windings around a steel core.
Commonly found in fluorescent light fixtures, they should contain no PCBs.
Includes clean aluminum radiators and/or condensers and aluminum copper radiators commonly found in air conditioners. Should be drained and free of all contaminants including iron, plastic and foam.

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