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If you haven’t figured this out, there is no need to be embarrassed.  The answer is not a word that we would commonly put in the same sentence as “resource.”

Resources have a special place in our ecological wordspeak. They are aligned with Mother Earth, sustainability, ecosystems and a host of other soothing terms that we use to describe the types of positive synergies and interrelationships between ourselves and our environment.

These are goals which we are gasping to achieve before we...

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Welcome to summer. Finally!

It was a long hard winter for all of us…so we hope that you’re enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing.

It’s been a pretty hectic last few months here at Peel Scrap Metal. So we thought we would get you caught up on some of the changes and new developments that are happening.

The Peel Scrap App...Part Deux.

Every business needs to stay competitive…and it’s challenging to say the least. One way we do this at Peel Scrap Metal is by constantly looking at all the touchpoints...

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After a brief hiatus, we are returning to the blogosphere with an update to some of the things that were part of our busy summer.

5th Annual Environmental Awareness Day – Oakville 2013

As you know, an important part of our mandate is supporting the communities we serve in any way we can. One of our favourites is the Oakville Environmental Awareness Day.

This year’s event was a great success and we were pleased to be part of it. Under the auspices of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, Kerr...

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We’re very pleased to announce that we will be opening a new location in Oakville, Ontario later this month. This is an exciting project for us, as it will make it more convenient for all our Oakville based customers (individuals,  trades and industry) and, more importantly, it will strengthen our efforts to become a truly community-based service company.

Oakville Is One Of Canada’s Most Desirable Cities.

The Town of Oakville is a very friendly place. A beautiful and historic community...

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We are always pleased to see young people visit us at our yard. They inevitably have lots of questions about the recycling work that we do and their enthusiasm is infectious.

These young people are the future of the recycling industry and by taking on an awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship at such an early age, it certainly gives us hope that life on the planet will continue.

Recently, we had an opportunity to provide some material to a young student by the name of...

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As part of our ongoing community involvement and support for green planning education and initiatives, Peel Scrap Metal is pleased to once again be a sponsor of the ‘Show Me The Green’ competition at the University of Toronto. We are joined in this effort with sponsors such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Walmart, Ontario Power Authority, MBNA and Bullfrog Power.

Presented by the Undergraduate Commerce Society, SMG is a compelling business case competition designed to challenge the...

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Every spring, a shiny red fire truck shows up on our street. The firefighters on board have arrived for a walkthrough inspection of our premises to make sure that all areas are safe for our employees, our customers and for the firefighters themselves should an emergency arise.

This practice is testimony to the good governance of the City of Mississauga, Ontario where our business is located. The firefighters are always professional, friendly and offer practical solutions where they feel there...

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Peel Participation

Again this year, Peel Scrap Metal will be fielding a team for Rick Hansen’s Wheels in Motion. The event takes place on June 13th and raises money to promote awareness of spinal cord injury and raises funds for research.. If you’d like to help us out, sponsorship forms are available at Peel….and by all means, come out and cheer us on!

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Recent Posts

Why ‘Global Recycling Day’ Should Be Every Day Of The Year

At Peel Scrap, our family has been in the recycling business for more than 100 years now. We’re not sure about the exact quantity of metals we have managed to keep in circulation over that period, but it’s safe to say it’s in the millions of tons.


One of the tenets of our business is to try, wherever we can, to promote the idea of responsible recycling to businesses and individuals in the communities we serve.


A Brief History of Recycling


Recycling, as a practice, has actually...

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A Post About Mercury…And Good Dental Hygiene

After so many years in the scrap metal recycling business, we are bound to have had at least a few unusual calls along the way. In fact we have a number of stories which could very well be the subject of some blogs down the road. Today, however, we want to talk about mercury.

Scrap metal is everywhere but unless you are in the recycling business you don’t really tend to give it much thought. The fact is it can come from some unusual places. Like your mouth, for example.

Recycling and...

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Good Communication Is The Key To Successful Relationships

Our family this year has been in the Scrap Metal Industry for 100 years. 

Our business has been passed down through several the generations and we have been successful because, like all the past generations, we have worked very hard to keep things simple. 

Excellent customer service, honest weights and fair price are what our family believes and what all our employees are taught. 

In today’s world, we are losing the ability to communicate face-to-face to solve our problems.  People text,...

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